Thea Kendall


I am a designer and illustrator, looking to focus my abilities on character design and background/layout design. I have a passion for creating worlds and the characters who reside in them. I've been working in television production for three years as an animator, and produce graphic novels in my spare time. Here are the projects I've been involved in:

Mickey's Farm (Seasons 2-5) - Best Boy Entertainment
Character design/building in Adobe Flash CS4, character animation, background/layout design, compositing, script writing.

Save My Pet (Seasons 1-3) - Best Boy Entertainment
Motion graphics for medical animation, special effects compositing

Aurora - Graphic Novel


  • Character Design
  • Layout Design
  • Background Design
  • Flash Animation
  • Classical Animation
  • Adobe After Effects Compositing
  • Scene Assembly
  • Character Building
  • Texture Painting
  • Motion Graphics